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Underground Service Locating

Underground Service Locating

Undeground Service Locating, also known as Utility Locating or Pipe and Cable Locating is the method of locating underground services. Underground Service Locating allows us to obtain a depth and alignment of underground pipes and cables that contain Electricity, Telecommunications, Gas, Water, Sewer & Stormwater.

About this service

What is Underground Service Locating? Underground Service Locating is the use of either EMF or GPR to determine the exact whereabouts of any underground services. Working closely with Dial Before You Dig we can locate and mark all underground assets to prevent any damages during any destructive excavation works.

Why is Underground Service Locating absolutely essential?

  • To have a clear image of exactly what is happening in the area prior to any works commencing.
  • It is important to use skilled technicians to locate your underground services so mistakes are not made.
  • Using both EMF & GPR will help to locate all underground assets.
  • Precision Concrete Scanning Co believes that ongoing training is imperative and we only use the best equipment on the market.
  • We are happy to lodge a DBYD enquiry on your behalf and then will provide site reports detailing the location of identified utilities.
  • PCSC provides a high standard of service in compliance with Utility Locating Industry standards AS 5488-2013.


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