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Who We Are

Who We Are

Precision Concrete Scanning provides the edge in Concrete Scanning Investigation, Underground Service Locating and Non-Destructive Testing services through SEQ and Northern NSW. We are a team of experienced and committed tradespeople and support staff. Our ability to deliver quality services is facilitated by constant training and development.
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Helping you complete your projects on safe grounds

Driven By Our Results

We use the latest GPR equipment and keep our technicians up to date with all relevant training. Our team strives to produce rapid and, most importantly, reliable results.

We Value Our Reliability

If we say we can be there for a job, you can rely on us to 100% fulfil our commitment. We are proud of our ability to be responsive and flexible to our client’s changing needs.

Safe And Clear Reports

Our technicians have been heavily trained to identify and map Post Tension Cables (PT), cable conduit, reinforced steel, structural voiding and accurate depths of slab. We provide reports that are guaranteed safe and clear.

Family Owned and Operated

At Precision Concrete Scanning Co, we are proudly family-owned and operated. Of course, we hire and retain people on the basis of their technical expertise and proven accuracy. But we go beyond this in looking for and rewarding those who are able to build strong foundations for client relationships. In this way, we achieve the results our clients need to keep their project going in a safe and timely manner.


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Precise. Safe. Reliable.

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